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Meet Zephyr. I decided to name him “Zephyr” because he captures the essence of the black and white mandala's serene and balanced color palette.

The name "Zephyr" evokes a sense of light and gentle breeze, reflecting the ethereal and airy quality of the monochromatic design. "Monochrome" emphasizes the absence of color and focuses on the interplay between black and white hues, creating a harmonious and elegant composition. This title conveys a sense of refined masculinity and tranquility as if the mandala's intricate patterns are like whispers carried by the wind, inviting viewers to experience a calming and contemplative journey through its intricate forms.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 24*24 Inches || Style - Mandala

Medium - Stretched Canvas (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium

Artwork 26G23 | July 2023

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