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Sunburst Left

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"Sunburst" is a dynamic duo of artistry that defies convention, embodying a playful yet serene energy that captivates the senses. Consisting of two complementary canvases, each measuring 24x24 inches, this vibrant creation commands attention with its bold use of orange as a backdrop, punctuated by splashes of black, white, and gray that dance across the surface.

At first glance, "Sunburst" exudes a sense of vitality and mischief, inviting viewers to embark on a whimsical journey through a world of vibrant hues and daring contrasts. The bursts of black, white, and gray, scattered haphazardly yet with purpose, lend an air of spontaneity and unpredictability to the composition.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 24x24 Inches || Style - Abstract Art

Medium - Stretched Canvas (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium

Artwork 34I23 | September 2023

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