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Meet Seraphina. I decided to name her “Seraphina” because she represents and embodies the enchanting and mesmerizing nature of the mandala design, resembling a beautiful fabric print.

The name "Seraphina" evokes a sense of grace and angelic charm, reflecting the elegance and delicate intricacies of the repeated mandala pattern. It alludes to the artistic nature of the design, symbolizing the weaving together of threads of beauty to create a visually stunning and harmonious composition.

This title conveys a sense of timeless allure and femininity as if the mandala's exquisite fabric-like print captivates viewers with its ethereal and intricate artistry. "Seraphina" invites viewers to embrace the enchanting world of beauty and grace woven into the repeated patterns of the mandala.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 22 Inches (Diameter) || Style - Mandala

Medium - Cradled Wood Panel (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium

Artwork 28G23 | July 2023

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