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Metallique Duality Gold

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"Metallique Duality" is a captivating duo of abstract artworks that explores the harmonious interplay between gold and silver, texture and shine, drama and serenity.

One canvas gleams with the richness of gold, while its counterpart shimmers with the allure of silver. Both are adorned with intricate patterns and designs created using molding paste, adding layers of texture and depth to the composition. Overlaid upon the textured surface is delicate gold and silver leaf, meticulously applied to create a luminous shimmer that dances in the light. The leaf adds an element of luxury and sophistication, elevating the artwork to new heights of visual splendor.

To enhance the drama and contrast, hard edge designs are incorporated into the composition, creating bold lines and geometric shapes that command attention and draw the eye.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 24x24 Inches || Style - Contemporary Abstract Art

Medium - Canvas, Molding Paste, Gold Leaf

Artwork 39K23_2 | November 2023

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