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Lemon Luster

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“Lemon Luster” is a mesmerizing pair of artworks that harnesses the radiant energy of yellow hues to create an electrifying visual experience. At the heart of "Lemon Luster" lies a captivating print-like quality that enchants the viewer, drawing them into a world of dynamic movement and luminous beauty.

The border framing these pieces serves as a perfect complement to the overall design, enhancing its allure and cohesion. But what truly sets "Lemon Luster" apart is the infusion of geometric patterns rendered in neon orange. These intricate overlays add a layer of complexity and depth to the artwork. Moreover, they hold a delightful secret – when charged with UV light, they illuminate, casting a luminous glow that transforms the space into a mesmerizing spectacle.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 24x24 Inches (2) || Style - Abstract Contemporary Art

Medium - Stretched Canvas (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium, UV reactive

Artwork: 35J23 | October 2023

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