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Meet Lavender. I decided to name her “Lavender Reverie” because she represents serenity and grace to my artistic mind. As the name suggests, Lavender reflects harmonious beauty and evokes a sense of tranquility that resonates with the human spirit..

“Lavender Reverie" reflects the gentle and soothing nature of the mandala's purple and white color palette. The name "Lavender" alludes to the soft shades of purple used in the artwork, while "Reverie" adds a dreamy and contemplative element.

This title evokes a sense of peaceful contemplation and daydreaming as if the viewer is immersed in a tranquil reverie while gazing at the mandala's calming colors and intricate patterns. "Lavender Reverie" invites viewers to embrace the serene and feminine allure of the artwork, evoking a sense of tranquility and beauty in its delicate composition.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 22 Inches (Diameter) || Style - Mandala

Medium - Cradled Wood Panel (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium

Artwork 20G23 | July 2023

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