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The title "Kade" suggests the mesmerizing and ever-changing patterns of colors, much like the view through a kaleidoscope. It also adds a touch of dynamic flow, symbolizing the vibrant and cascading arrangement of colors as they blend together seamlessly.

The watercolor effect imparts a sense of fluidity and transparency to each hue, creating a captivating and dreamy appearance. The epoxy surface enhances the artwork's allure, providing a glossy and reflective finish that adds depth and dimension to the colorful display. "Kade" invites viewers to be entranced by the enchanting world of vibrant colors and dynamic movement, offering a visual symphony of brilliance and wonder.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 22 Inches (Diameter) || Style - Hard Edge

Medium - Cradled Wood Panel (Gallery Quality), Watercolor, Epoxy

Artwork 29G23 | July 2023

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