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Dream Dance

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“Dream Dance" is a striking pair of artworks that juxtaposes order and chaos, light and dark, to create a mesmerizing visual experience. With a base of pristine white canvas, each piece in this set of two serves as a canvas for the interplay of vibrant purple hues and neon orange accents.

On one half of each canvas, white hard strips provide a sense of stability and order, anchoring the composition with their clean lines and geometric shapes. In stark contrast, the other half of each piece erupts in a riot of chaotic purple drips, as if splattered by the brushstrokes of a wild and untamed force. These swirling patterns evoke a sense of movement and dynamism, drawing the viewer into a whirlwind of emotions and sensations.

Artwork Specifications:

Size - 24x24 Inches (2) || Style - Abstract Contemporary Art

Medium - Stretched Canvas (Gallery Quality), Acrylic Medium, UV reactive

Artwork: 37J23 | October 2023

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