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About Me

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Obsessed with geometric configurations, colors, and designs and getting as lost as possible with my brushes and paints. I am taking a chance on changing my career from I.T to running around coloring my canvases. And somehow it all looks like it is all working out.  .  .


We are all born with an innate and insatiable curiosity about the world around us. As we grow older, we are distracted by adult things and problems, and most of us forget to be curious. We stop looking for fairies in the garden, or dragon scales in the rocks. We forget how to look.


I believe the artist lives on in the things that they have created. We lead with our hands, into people, new objects, and places. I have always loved the idea of how things speak. The teapot can say -” Hello, please hold me this way”. To touch art at an art gallery is a way of feeling the love of the artist. And to hold a brush in the hand is a way of expressing the light and energy of creating something new, something beautiful.


My goal is to convey peace and grace to my viewers, offering a moment of pause and a feeling of deep belonging. “ Stop, take a pause, look, admire, accept and cherish … with patience.” 


Favorite Acrylic Color: Neon Blue & Metallic Gold

Guilty Pleasure: Singing at the top of my voice while my husband works 

Most Inspiring Trip: Maldives & Road trip through Columbia Icefield Parkway 

Likes: Cheese, The beach, and Summer

Dislikes: Cold Weather and Seafood 

I hope this site gives you some inspiration and you find a piece that catches your attention.


Take a closer look at my work, I think you'll like it.


If you see something you like, please message me with details of the commission you would like me to work on. If you have suggestions for improving my craft, please let me know, I am a work in progress!

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